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2-string set consist of a string and yoke cable - typical of single cam bows. 3-string sets are typical of cam & half / twin cam bows with fixed yoke systems. 4, 5 & 7-string sets are typically found on twin cam bows with floating yoke systems.

Sets include speednocks installed in factory locations.

When ordering, please include the following information in the notes section at checkout:

    • String Material - BCY X99 or BCY Mercury
    • Bow Make, Model, ATA, Cam/Mod configuration
    • Bow Serial Number
    • Any shown string/bus/cable lengths on the bow - typically found on a sticker located on the limb
    • String colors. If you selected a pinstripe, the pinstripe color
    • Serving color
    • Type of arrow nock that you are shooting - so the center serving can be properly sized